Foreign Visitors. Process of the Revocation of Mandate of President of the Republic

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Foreign Visitors. Process of the Recall Referendum of the President of the Republic

The General Council of INE, in accordance with the Agreement INE/CG54/2022, approved and addressed the public notice to the international community interested to arrange their accreditation as foreign visitor in order to learn  and to be informed about the process of Revocation of Mandate of the President of the Republic  that  took place on April 10, 2022.

As the result of the international observation, all the foreign visitors could make an electoral observation report. 

International Mission´s Reports

Foreign Visitors Virtual Modality

Informative Forum for Foreign Visitors

Learn more about the mail characteristics of 2022 Recall Referendum

April 7and April 8 

Revocación de mandato 2022

International Virtual Observation

Foreign visitors were able to observe virtually the development of the Election Day.

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What do I need to be accredited as a foreign visitor?

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  • Application form for accreditation with autograph signature
  • Copy of the main pages of the current passport
  • Current and clear photography

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The DEADLINE  was March 30, 2022

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