Summit for Electoral Democracy

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Democracy is undergoing tumultuous and complex times with multiple risks, which have been perceived in the last reports on democracy and liberties in the world (Global State of Democracy Report by International IDEA and Freedom House). These reports raise concerns and set a warning to strengthen electoral authorities within democratic processes.

We see with great concern that electoral democracy is being affected by those democratically elected governments which have imprinted their issues and failures when it comes to meeting the needs of the people. There is a clear disenchantment with democracy, which results into apathy. This is particularly dangerous because it fosters the advancement of populist rhetoric.

Consequently, we deem of the outmost importance to create a synergy among international organizations, and electoral authorities and bodies from around the world to promote an intellectual and institutional mobilization to strengthen electoral democracy in the world. This is the main goal of the Summit for Electoral Democracy through the conduction of regional Forums: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and countries of the Arab States, which will take place within June through August, culminating with the Global Forum, which will take place in September.

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Regional Forums 

  •  Europe. June 8 and June 9
  • America. June 28,29 and 30
  • Africa. July 25 and 26 
  • Asia. August 11 and 12
  • North Africa and Middle East. August 24 y 25 

Regional Forum of America

The Regional Forum of America was held on June 28, 29 y 30. (GMT-5) by virtual means

This forum joined electoral experts of America to  discuss  the main challenges that faced the region. 

The topics that were analyzed are:

  • Representative democracies
  • Electoral Management Bodies: its independance and its role in democracy
  • Parity and gender-based political violence
  • Electoral Integrity   

Bios                                                 Agenda

See this Regional Forum

European Regional Forum

The first Regional Forum, framed on this initiative,  was the European Forum, which held on June 8 and 9 on Budapest, Hungary.

 It accommodated a meaningful discussion between electoral experts on timely topics of elections such as:

  • the relevance civic education,
  • the threat of populism,
  • the relationship of freedom of expression and digital platforms, and
  • the integrity of electoral legislation.
Should you need further information, please visit:  European Forum 

The lauching ceremony of this initiative was held on March 18